How do our concierge services alter for different business clients?

How do our services alter for dfferent business clients?

After establishing the reasons why companies should consider the use of a concierge service, it’s time to discover why our service is different to any other.

Here at Privée Concierge, we don’t just offer a standard service; we understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why you’ll receive a 100% tailored service that’s completely dependent on your requirements.

The idea of companies making use of a private concierge service is actually very new and it’s something that’s becoming remarkably popular in the large global cities, including London. Although we do service high net worth individuals, what makes Privée unique is that our main client base is companies, multi-tenanted office buildings and luxury residential developments.

When companies join our club it’s usually used as a staff benefit. The company pays for elements of our service and then enables staff to use us for both personal and business related requests. This is something that’s favoured by both small and large companies that are successful in their industries. Privée don’t just cater to official business needs, we also help to organise the fun elements of employees’ lives, maximising the work-life balance.

The other side of our major client base are the large multi-tenanted office buildings that we service. Quite often property developers will employ our services in order to help sell space in their new development – after all, private concierge is a huge perk. This service is then offered to all companies that choose to rent space within the building. Furthermore we brand the service to the development thus making it a real value added service for the building.

As part of the Office Concierge Group our reception team also deliver an unsurpassed visitor experience, so you’re certainly in safe hands. Whether you’re looking for tickets for a sold-out gig, a fully booked Michelin starred restaurant, or a front of house team to provide a warm welcome to all of your clients, contact us to make the seemingly impossible, very real indeed!