Why a business should consider using a corporate concierge service

Why should a business consider a concierge service?

In the fast-paced modern business environment, the outsourcing of specific business processes to specialist external service providers is certainly nothing new. However, while IT and payroll are common streams to be handled by those with expertise in these particular areas, concierge services are often associated with our friends stateside rather than being a serious consideration for UK SMEs looking to free up their own internal resources.

Things are changing however and there has been a recent trend towards the uptake of corporate concierge services in major global cities like London. So that begs the question: why should a business contemplate using the corporate concierge services on offer?

The benefits of a corporate concierge service are not just restricted to the company itself – as you’ll soon see. We’ll now attempt to go through some of the key reasons as to why this service could prove to be such a godsend to your organisation.

A positive impact on staff

It has been shown that staff who have less distractions in terms of their personal responsibilities are going to be more productive. In turn, this can encourage greater employee loyalty and a reduced staff turnover rate. Believe it or not, these services and incentives can have a really positive impact on the bottom line while establishing your position as an employer who can retain the best people in the industry – not to mention being an attractive proposition to potential new recruits.

Relive the administrative burden

When business is picking up, it doesn’t take much for the strain on administrative staff to become apparent. From confirming travel arrangements to catering for corporate meetings, PAs and other support staff can soon get overloaded by time-sensitive requests from management. However, with your concierge services now in place, they can take over responsibility for event planning and other pertinent tasks, such as the booking of luxury car hire. Your clients also will be impressed by the attention to detail in catering to their specific needs.

Create the right brand profile and impression

Potential new clients will be able to see the lengths you go to in ensuring your staff and business clients are well-taken-care-of. You won’t ever have to worry about recommendations again, as this elite service speaks for itself. This additional level of service can help to promote your brand through white-label opportunities.

Client loyalty can be improved through these personal services, which can result in greater interaction and a demonstrable commitment to the individual’s needs and tastes. This point should never be underestimated, as these seemingly small details could end up being the difference between winning or losing out on a key contract.

The ability to obtain the unobtainable

Want to source tickets for the biggest events and shows in London at short notice? Done. But isn’t that impossible? Not when you leave it in the hands of one of the leading concierge and lifestyle management companies around! From exclusive opening night tickets at the most sought-after concerts to last-minute bookings at London’s top restaurants, simply leave your requests to the specialists in preferential treatment.

When it comes to elite living for your staff, clients and guests, even sold-out shows are not out of reach. For instance, if you wanted to take your clients to one of the upcoming NFL International Series games taking place at Wembley Stadium in October, or would love to reward staff for their performance by taking them to see AC/DC perform at the venue in July, your dedicated concierge service can make this dream a reality. And should Formula 1 be more your thing, a trip to Silverstone for this year’s British Grand Prix is certainly not out of the question.

For businesses of any size, these corporate hospitality services do more than simply entertain staff and clients as they can help to grow relationships and strengthen business ties.

Nothing is too much trouble

From bespoke office design to arranging seasonal getaways and providing those welcome little touches to your everyday environment, your dedicated concierge staff will attend to everything and help you to make a great impression on all guests who happen to visit your office premises.

The perfect finishing touch

In summary, by employing the bespoke services of a corporate concierge company, you can really gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. This all-encompassing service can take care of your hospitality and entertainment requirements as well as ownership of your human resource strategy. As the level of services on offer are tailored to your company’s requirements, you can determine the specifics relevant to what you do and the image you are looking to create.