Secret Garden Party – Boutique Camping

This summer Privée has been checking out the hottest festivals in the UK. The end of July delivered a boutique camping festival experience for a Privée member at the Secret Garden Party event in Cambridgeshire.


The Privée member arrived on the morning of Friday 26th July and was directed to a dedicated ‘boutique camping’ car park packed full of desirable cars ranging from Audis to Maserati’s. From the car park, a porter met them to escort and carry the couple’s bags to their ‘camping’ area; this wasn’t going to be your ordinary festival.


The couple had a choice of many fabulous boutique options available, from spacious 6 people Tipi’s, to cosy 4 people Yurts. Once through the registration desk, where aside from one other person they were the only people in the queue, the couple were ushered to their 2-person ‘squrt’, an airy comfortable mini yurt, accompanied with its own double bed and front door with lock and key. The boutique camping area was complimented with hot showers and luxury toilets, with a dedicated breakfast bar and restaurant run by the Breakfast club, meaning fresh eggs benedict and steaming hot coffee in the mornings.

They spent the weekend wandering the stunning location of the festival with its beautiful lake, trees and rolling hills whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere of the playground for adults, while all the time experiencing an amazing range of food from all corners of the world.


This truly unique festival is renowned for its magical atmosphere; from its variety of musical talents to its specially created stages to accompany them. Stages such as Pagoda, a man made stage overhanging the lake with keynote set from Ejeca playing his blend of disco and techno with his trademark vocals. Also featuring high up on the list was James Lavelle in The Artful Badger; an enchanted stage lit up and set in the depths of the woods. Finally a creatively built half sunken pirate ship that had its own stage in the middle of the lake, which was only accessible via a boat ride, another magnificent example of what makes the Secret Garden Party festival a truly unique experience.

An enormous fireworks display lit up the entire festival on Saturday night. The captivating festival proved to create many fantastic experiences with a few eccentric yet incredible nights to remember.

Secret Garden Party 2014 will take place from 24th – 27th July, if you would like Privée to organise a similar experience for you please contact us at