Review: This House


Until 25 Feb ’17 – Garrick Theatre

Following 2 critically acclaimed runs at The National Theatre in 2012 and 2013, This House returns this time at The Garrick Theatre.

Funny, witty, entertaining and fantastically true – the play is set between 1974 and 1979, during a period of significant political upheaval and instability in the UK – sound familiar? Whilst clearly a must see for any politicos, the play takes on a wider appeal, with entertaining production and pace to ensure the story line is easily followed and enjoyed by all.

The action all occurs within the Palace of Westminster, mainly in the offices of the Labour and Tory Chief Whips, during a period of a hung parliament. As such to push through policies, the whips must use all means at their disposal to win the support of MP’s from all sides, to pass/defeat laws and importantly – survive in power.


The class interaction between Tory Toffs and Labour working class heroes, feels just as appropriate and relevant in 2016. Expect swearing, skulduggery and scheming of the highest order.

The score, with a number of highly entertaining covers and parliament sing a longs, helps keep the pace flowing – with some absolute corkers.

A personal highlight was going on stage during the interval to order drinks from the ‘Members Bar’ part of the set. There is also a good deal of comedy, much of it black. Labour’s precarious position wasn’t helped by the fact that so many of its MPs died in office, and we watch them dropping dead, as well as the seriously ill being dragged into the Palace of Westminster to vote – which believe it or not is seriously entertaining.

Overall a highly entertaining, relevant and insightful performance. I am advised highly realistic too!

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Reviewed by Kevin Hilton