Kishmish – Modern Indian Fine Dining


The local curry house – a very British institution. We are sure you all have your favourite & it is no doubt a family run establishment that you have been going to for years, mainly because it is local, familiar & the food is pretty good. Maybe they now even now serve you Kingfisher in a glass? However for any foodie out there – why do you settle for the standard curry, why do you not have the same level of expectations for pushing boundaries, innovative cooking & fine dining presentation that you would do for other cuisine?

Kishmish Fulham

Whilst there is a lot to be said for the familiar, for those up for trying something new, we advise you book yourself in for an evening at Kishmish, a former family run curry house with a very modern menu.

The restaurant was first opened in 1966 by the current owner’s grandfather, & has been something of a local institution since. Passed down to the next generation, Sharif Rahman has just taken over the family business & to celebrate has brought in a new chef & developed an innovative new menu, as well as giving the dining room a brand new look. The new kitchen team is headed by Cruz Gomes, who previously cooked at Zaika & Ginger restaurants, & the new dishes on offer are still classic & familiar but with a modern & adventurous touch.

Kishmish Fulham

“Our ethos is based on giving our clientele innovative Indian food, using quality ingredients & made with care & attention. A highly talented & skilful head chef & his kitchen team ensure that dishes are freshly prepared to give maximum flavour whilst at the same keeping a keen eye on presentation. This is modern & very refined Indian cooking, true to its roots yet married with a contemporary British sensibility, elegantly rendered.”

The menu is highly refreshing with starters like ‘Tawa Fish’, a pan seared hake fish with smoked aubergine salsa & curried oil. This was light, fresh & highly flavoursome. The presentation was outstanding. Feeling adventurous we also went for ‘Achari Ostrich’ – which is Ostrich tikka infused with pickling spices, served with roasted beetroot & mint sauce. The meat was moist & again highly flavoursome, the roasted beetroot giving the dish an added depth, combining sweetness & a rootyness.

Kishmish Fulham

The stand out main courses for us were ‘Malabari Fish’, a south Indian-style pan-seared sea bream fillet served with wild mushroom kedgeree, along with ‘Buffalo Vindaloo’ – which was Laverstoke park diced buffalo cooked in authentic vindaloo masala, served with ghee rice. Both were dishes we excellent & highly flavoursome with presentation to match.

The desert menu also was filled with a number of appetizing options that work to enhance the overall journey of taste. We opted for the ‘Chocolate Brownie’, which was spiced with orange murabba, which is a sweet jam pickle. This was plenty enough for us, but other options include ‘Carrot Halwa’ – being a traditional Indian carrot pudding, served house style with caramel sauce, & ‘Kulfi’- Malai, Fig & Honey, Clotted Cream & Strawberry.

Kishmish Fulham

Overall the food is certainly the star of the show at Kishmish – & certainly worth a trip so you can compare it to your local curry house experience – we think this could be the start of a new sort of British institution…

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