Financial Times: The Front Desk At Your Service – Privee by Office Concierge

Financial Times - 3rd September 2013

A welcoming reception: Simon Cooney, founder of Office Concierge who have led the market with Privée, their dedicated Concierge and Lifestyle service for corporate offices.

The Front Desk At Your Service

Financial Times – Tuesday 3rd September 2013

By Kate Allen

When a senior executive of a London-based energy trading company wanted to book last-minute tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix, plus a private château to stay in, he did not turn to his personal assistant, his secretary or even his company’s receptionist. Instead, he contacted the front desk of the building in which his company is based.

Occupants of high-end office developments are becoming increasingly used to organising their social lives through their building’s receptionists, whose traditional role of a landlord’s representative is being redefined as property developers compete to attract occupiers. Indeed, in nearly 300 buildings across London, receptionists have morphed into full-scale concierges, with the costs covered by the service charge….

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Financial Times – 3rd September 2013