International Road Trip in a Classic 1972 E-Type Jaguar Convertible

This week Privée by Office Concierge have been busy organising a fantastic road trip from the UK to Southern Spain on behalf of two Privée members.

The beauty of engaging on a road trip is not only to enjoy the car you’re driving but also to get to know the country you’re driving in. The members drove the classic 1972 E-Type Jaguar convertible.


photo (8)Although this in itself could be seen as the dream car, this model had been updated with all the mechanics and technology of a modern day Jaguar XKR. This particular model is one of only three vehicles built to order and totally unique, as no other vehicles such as this will be made again.  This car allows for the driver to experience the sensation of driving one of the most beautiful cars ever built as well as enjoying the technology, with an impressive 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 155mph.


The trip began in Portsmouth on the southern coast of England, where the two members boarded the Brittany Ferries Cap Finestre at 5pm. For most, boarding a ferry whilst partaking on a road trip in a beautiful car could be seen as the most boring part of the trip, however the ferry had several bars, a café and an a la Carte restaurant with an area on deck to relax in the sunshine to pass the time and watch the world go by. The ferry arrived ferry arrived after an excellent night stay a mere 24 hours later on the Northern coast of Spain in the small historical port city of Santander.

Once the members were through customs, the road trip commenced where they began the four-hour drive from Santander to Madrid. by.The ferry arrived after an excellent night stay a mere 24 hours later on the Northern coast of Spain in the small historical port city of Santander.Image Leaving Santander the weather was warm and humid, but as they continued on the 375 km journey the heavens opened soaking the pair who had the convertible roof down. Gritting their teeth, they decided to drive through the rain with the roof down but as the rain got even heavier and with lightening starting to appear, the drivers pulled onto the roadside and put the roof up and continued the journey into Madrid.

After the four-hour drive and arriving into Madrid near to midnight on a Saturday night, the pair were greeted with the hustle and bustle in this vivacious city.  The drivers checked into the ME Hotel, then proceeded to hit the nightlife of the city at Rames, one of the top restaurant as well as a bar and club in the town.

photo (12)After a pleasurable night stay, the next morning the sun was shining on Madrid reaching highs of 38 degrees, where the handsome car was being prepared and cleaned in the town square for the next stint of the trip down to Marbella, a journey that would take over 6 hours and eating up around 575km along the way.After breakfast the drivers set off and apart from a few refreshment breaks and the statutory fuel stops stops of which there were plenty, the two adventurous drivers arrived into Marbella later on Sunday afternoon.

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