Privée Film Review : Man of Steel


When audiences purchased their tickets last Friday to the opening of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, they would have been treated to an epic experience unlike any they would have experienced before. Director Zack Snyder brings to the table what appears to be the most visually spectacular of any of the Superman movie franchise, something co-writer and producer Christopher Nolan (Director and writer of the Batman trilogy) is well known and praised for. Although Man of Steel is packed full of exciting CGI assisted action scenes, Henry Cavill represents the modern man struggling with human issues such as loss, the death of his adoptive father, romance with the Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane and conflict in his role as Clark Kent.

Right from the very beginning the film is fast paced, thrilling and leaves you on the edge of your seat more often than you are on it. Snyder has chosen to explore more of Kent’s home planet Krypton, a planet fearing apocalypse and the demise of Kryptonian race, where we see Jor-El played by Russell Crowe trying to save his new-born Son Cal-El and the future of Krypton by propelling him through space to another planet, Earth.

Cavill plays Kent with a twist, an element which is refreshing to see and really drives the narrative forward, we see him struggle with his identity throughout his entire life, knowing that he’s different from the other children at school, to the adults he encounters in later life. Aware that he’s not human, Kent goes in search of his true identity, where he encounters the conscious of his father Jor-El.

The encounter with his father brings not only realisation as to where he comes from but educates Kent on the dangers Earth will face when he is found after 33 years of searching the universe by General Zod played by Michael Shannon, the Kryptonian military leader. The meeting brings forth the truth about Kent’s character but also points him towards the legendary Superman costume, (a little better than a pair of underpants over tights) and brings forth the birth of Superman.

Zack Snyder has attempted and successfully created a “true reboot” of the franchise; he stated, “We really just pretended that the other movies didn’t exist. The thesis was ‘oh look we’ve found some comic books, we should make a movie out of these’. Snyder has previously commented that Donner’s 1978 Superman movie saying ‘he was against creating a film that had any hint of a superhero who saved people with a wink and a smile’.

Man of Steel proves to be a triumphant step in the right direction for Warner Brothers and their DC comic book adaptation, with excellent direction from Zack Snyder and incredible performances from the entire cast, this is a Superman movie that can be enjoyed by all that needs be seen on the big screen.